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Abdomen miniabdominoplasty is a plastic surgery for eliminating fatness in the lower of of abdomen, removing sagging skin, eliminating stretch marks and other aesthetic defects. Often it is resorted to after pregnancy or a sudden weight loss, but on the condition of a slight sagging of the skin. In this case, the navel is not transferred, as in a standard abdominoplasty, and the sutures are located lower and are smaller in size. That is, miniabdominoplasty is a simplified version of traditional tummy tuck, so it requires less time for recovery and rehabilitation. But in any case, it requires the skill and high level of professionalism of the surgeon, strict adherence to the protocol during surgeries and following recommendations during the recovery period.


Miniabdominoplasty: the Perfect Abdomen is the Result of the Surgeon’s Excellent Work

The clinic of the plastic surgeon Olexandr Chornomyz is a modern medical center that is 100% compliant with European standards. In our work, we adhere to international protocols and focus on the practice of the world’s leading medical centers. Our advantages are as follows:

  • high level of professionalism of the clinic staff. Everyone in the team is a top-class specialist in his/her field. No less importance is given to personal qualities: responsibility, friendliness, the ability to put the patient’s needs in the first place;
  • the use of innovative methods and tools. This allows to perform a minimally invasive surgery and reduce recovery time with the maximum result from the procedure;
  • comfortable service at all steps of preparation and rehabilitation. For this, the best conditions are created, in which all the details of the patient’s physical and emotional comfort are taken into account;
  • competitive cost. The price is lower than in European clinics, with the same level of professionalism and comfort.

Confidence in the result, peace of mind during preparation and in the postoperative period, careful preparation and consultation at all steps will allow you to recover faster and shorten the rehabilitation period.


Making the surgery is recommended in the following cases:

  1. diastasis – a divergence of the peritoneum muscles, due to which the abdomen protrudes forward and sags. It most often occurs after pregnancy and childbirth;
  2. endocrine diseases, among which the most common is diabetes mellitus;
  3. sagging of skin, its flabbiness;
  4. stretch marks;
  5. deposition of excess fat on the abdominal wall;
  6. umbilical or muscular hernia.

Contraindications to miniablominoplasty include:

  • diabetes mellitus;
  • cancer diseases;
  • obesity;
  • blood clotting disorder;de-epidermization
  • infectious and inflammatory processes in the body, until recovery;
  • pregnancy, lactation;
  • menstruation.

In order to identify contraindications, a comprehensive diagnostics of the patient are carried out.

How is Abdomen Miniabdominoplasty Performed?

The surgery is performed under general anesthesia. One of following three methods is used:

  1. umbilical, in which two small incisions are made near the navel. Through these incisions, excess subcutaneous fat is removed, sagging skin is excised, after which a purse-string suture is formed – as it heals, it becomes invisible;
  2. with an incision along the bikini line, recommended in case of sagging of the skin. The tissues are mobilized up to the navel and the lower peritoneum is sutured, excess fat and skin tissue is excised. If necessary, the muscular corset is strengthened. Then a cosmetic suture is performed using self-absorbable surgical materials;
  3. with de-epidermization of the skin, suitable for only minimal aesthetic defects.

The size of the incisions and, accordingly, the sutures depends on the individual characteristics of the body and the extent of aesthetic defects, but does not exceed 1 to 15 cm.

Miniabdominoplasty may be performed along with liposuction. Separately, tummy tuck takes 1 to 2 hours, along with liposuction it takes a little longer.

Rehabilitation and Features of Postoperative Care

This is a simple, minimally invasive surgery, so the recovery period after it is short and not associated with much discomfort. The first day will need to be spent in the hospital of the clinic, for medical supervision and the exclusion of postoperative complications. There may be small bruises on the skin, swelling, but they disappear during the first week. It will be necessary to wear compression underwear, stick to a simple diet (no sweet, fatty, spicy, smoked food), avoid the pool, sauna and bath. It usually takes several weeks to fully recover. The result of miniabdominoplasty, if all the doctor’s recommendations are followed, is preserved for the rest of one’s life.