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Buttock lipofilling

Lipofilling of the buttocks is a popular surgical operation that allows to adjust their shape and increase volume due to own fat tissue. It is called pumping fat into the buttocks. It does not sound very aesthetically pleasing, but the result is amazing – the contours acquire attractive volumes, asymmetry, drooping and atrophy of the gluteal muscles are removed. Such a silhouette cannot be acquired in the gym – this is either a gift from nature, or the skillful work of a good plastic surgeon. Moreover, there is no visual difference between the first and the second.

Buttock lipofilling

Lipofilling of Buttocks: Creating Flawless Forms Without Implants

At the medical center of the doctor Olexandr Chornomyz, you will get more than you expect. It not only guarantees a great approach to performing the surgery, which allows to achieve an impressive result and get attractive, symmetrical and nice forms that will remain with you for a lifetime. This is also an individual approach that will help overcome complexes and feel own beauty. An individual approach and attention to each patient minimizes the risks of complications and helps recover faster after the surgery. At the same time, the price of lipofilling of the buttocks is quite acceptable. To get more information about the features of the surgery, its cost and apply for a personal consultation, call using the phone numbers specified on the site.


Both men and women resort to buttock augmentation. The reason is dissatisfaction with own body, disproportionate figure (e.g., too wide hips in the absence of volume in the hips and the “fifth point”). Lipofilling is recommended in the following cases:

  1. insufficient volume of the buttocks, which causes the figure disproportion;
  2. congenital asymmetry, in which the buttocks look different in shape and volume;
  3. loss of skin tonus, sagging, ptosis. Most often it occurs due to a drastic weight loss, after pregnancy or as a result of age-related changes;
  4. deformities caused by trauma. It manifests itself as scars, bruises, depressions drawn inward.

It is important to note that the effect of buttock liposculpture lasts for a long time only at a stable weight. Therefore, if you want to lose weight, do it first and then plan the surgery.

Contraindications for the Surgery

There is a number of contraindications that prohibit the lipofilling surgery:

  • endocrine diseases of thyroid gland, diabetes mellitus;
  • diseases of the heart, blood vessels, blood, which cause clotting disorders;
  • infectious and inflammatory processes in the body;
  • pregnancy, breastfeeding;
  • oncology.

In order to exclude all contraindications, detailed diagnostics, laboratory and clinical studies are carried out before the appointment of the surgery.

How is Buttock Augmentation with Own Fat Performed?

The lipofilling surgery is performed under general anesthesia. It includes three main steps:

  1. Liposuction. Pumping fat involves first taking it from the patient’s body. For this purpose, liposuction is carried out from problem areas – it can be the abdomen, waist, femoral area, back. For this, a special cannula is used. The surgeon makes microscopic incisions, through which he takes the required amount of biological material, afterward, there will be no trace of the punctures;
  2. The material is purified and prepared for autotransplantation. For this, a centrifuge is used;
  3. Actually lipofilling, i.e., the injection of fat purified from blood and destroyed cells into the gluteal area. Performing the manipulation, the surgeon uses a cannula. The purified material is injected in small doses at different depths to create the correct shape and volume.

The surgery takes up to 2 hours. It can be combined with other types of surgical intervention such as buttock lift.

Features of Postoperative Recovery

Since own fat is the “native” material for the body, it survives very well, there is no risk of rejection or an allergic reaction. Nevertheless, after the surgery, it is recommended to stay in the hospital for a day where the patient is monitored by a team of experienced specialists. In our hospital, you will find maximum comfort, so you can spend this time for rest and relaxation. In the first month, for the recovery period, you will need to wear compression underwear, limit sports (up to 3 weeks), visits to the sauna or taking bath, should not take a hot bath (shower but not “boiling water” can be taken). However, you will not fall out of social life and on the second day you can return to work, meetings with friends, walks and parties.

Lipofilling is a minimally invasive but very effective procedure. Provided a stable weight is maintained, the result will last a lifetime.