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Bodylift is a circular body lift that allows you to correct several imperfections at once: tightening the abdomen and buttocks, creating a waist, a seductive "profile". The purpose of body lift is to create a tighter and more aesthetically pleasing body contour. I perform these procedures on a regular basis, and I am confident that the results will exceed your expectations.


What is a body lift and how does it work?

A body lift is a procedure performed to correct and lift various areas of the body. There are upper and lower body lifts, depending on which areas of the body are being corrected:

  • An upper body lift involves tightening and correcting areas of the upper body such as the creases under the breasts, the upper abdomen (often after an inadequate conventional abdominoplasty or mini-abdominoplasty), the subscapular area, and the lateral back creases. This procedure is used to remove excess skin.
  • A lower body lift tightens and corrects areas of the lower body such as the abdomen, buttocks, thighs, and flanks. The lower body lift can help improve body contour, excess skin and fat deposits, especially after significant weight loss or pregnancy.

Lower body lift is not indicated for everyone - in some cases a regular abdominoplasty is sufficient to tighten the skin in the abdominal area. However, it is the bodylift that allows you to achieve the maximum result. During bodylift it is possible to tighten the skin of the abdomen, earning diastasis, lift buttocks with possible increase in volume (see glutteoplasty), thighs, as well as remove excess skin and fat deposits. After such an operation you will really get a WOW effect, you will have a beautiful belly, ideal waist, tightened buttocks and disappearing "lugs" on the love handles.

When is a circumferential lift recommended?

The main indications for body lift are

  1. Significant weight loss - more than 10-15 kg. In such cases, there is excess sagging skin not only on the abdomen, but also on the sides. Abdominoplasty will not help - on the contrary, there will be even more excess skin in the waist area;
  2. Deterioration of the skin around the abdomen, waist and buttocks. The reasons can be various - stress, slight weight fluctuations, pregnancy and simply aging. Exercise and cosmetics do not help. However, with this condition, you can limit yourself to a semicircular lift - then the scar will not connect to the back and will be shorter;
  3. The presence of excess skin on the abdomen and buttocks with a tight, beautiful abdomen. This creates the effect of no waist and rounded shape of the buttocks, despite how you exercise them. Skin ptosis makes the figure look completely flat in such a case. And the cause is the excess skin. Even if you remove it without increasing the volume, you will still get a rounded shape.

Body lift: when the result is better than expected

Do you need a body lift or can you settle for a traditional tummy tuck? What will be the specific result in your case? How much will the operation cost? I will be able to answer these questions in a personal consultation. In the clinic where I perform the surgery, we will choose the optimal plan to improve your figure, make a thorough diagnosis to exclude any complications. I adhere to the traditional approach to plastic surgery and supplement it with modern methods - this allows you to achieve an impressive effect with maximum health safety. Yes, the price for body lift is higher than for abdominoplasty, but the reasons are objective. The volume of the operation itself is higher, but the result will be worth every penny spent. This is a procedure after which your seductive shape will literally fit you from all sides - unlike abdominoplasty, where the changes are only in the front.

Contraindications to body lifting are

  • Blood clotting problems;
  • Heart failure;
  • Diabetes mellitus in decompensated form;
  • Obesity of the 2nd degree and higher; body mass index higher than 31;
  • a number of autoimmune diseases;
  • Exacerbation of chronic diseases (the procedure is postponed until the acute phase is over).

Only your surgeon can tell you exactly whether you have indications and contraindications for the circular lifting procedure, after a personal examination and diagnosis.

How does the surgery and recovery go?

Surgical body lift is performed in several stages:

  • Initial consultation. At this consultation, I find out whether this procedure is right for you or recommend another solution. I will tell you all the nuances of the operation and familiarize you with its stages;
  • Diagnostics. This is a necessary step that eliminates possible contraindications and risks;
  • Drawing up an operation plan. We determine the best accesses, draw up a clear step-by-step algorithm of actions;
  • The body lifting procedure itself. It is performed under general anesthesia and involves 3 stages: excision of excess skin, a circular tummy tuck, and the installation of drains with bikini sutures. The operation takes an average of 4 hours;
  • Recovery in the hospital.  It is advisable to spend 2-3 days in the clinic. But if you are from another city, it would be very good to stay under our supervision in Kyiv for another 7 days, ideally. But this is not categorical.

At first, you need to give up physical activity, sunbathing on the beach and in the solarium, and visiting the sauna. You will need to wear special compression garments. The total rehabilitation time can reach 3-6 months, depending on the complexity of the procedure and individual characteristics of the body.