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Breast lift

You can make a breast lift in Kyiv at the plastic surgery clinic of Dr. Chornomyz. Due to the high professionalism and extensive experience, the use of the latest methods of plastic surgery and the equipment of the clinic with the latest technology, surgeries will be carried out efficiently and without complications. Beside the plastic surgeon Olexandr Chornomyz, the best anesthesiologist, surgical nurses and other medical staff will work with you. The use of innovative techniques and materials will shorten the recovery period after the surgery, and very soon you will forget that you had the surgery – nevertheless, its results will delight you with their reflection in the mirror. We will discuss all technical and medical issues (indications and contraindications, risks, preparation, rehabilitation, price and what forms the cost) at a personal consultation – for applying to it, you just need to call to the phone numbers specified on the site.

Breast lift

Mastopexy is a surgical operation on lifting the breast, restoring its elasticity, shape and tonus. Sagging of the mammary glands can occur for various reasons – due to natural age-related changes, after pregnancy and lactation, sudden weight gains and drops. Because of this, the breast loses its attractive shape and the woman feels psychological discomfort. However, modern plastic surgery allows to fight against age and restore attractive, nice, symmetrical breast shapes.


The main indications for mastopexy include:

  1. loss of shape and elasticity of the mammary glands;
  2. asymmetry, in which one breast sags more than the other;
  3. the location of the nipples below the submammary fold – this is the name of the line of natural bend under the base of the breast;
  4. sagging;
  5. the appearance of stretch marks.

The main indication for the surgery is a change in the natural aesthetics and correct lines of the breast caused by age-related changes, fluctuations in weight, and the psychological discomfort caused by this.

Breast Lift Techniques and Advantages of Plastic Surgery

Surgical breast lift gives maximum results – after the surgery, the breasts will not only return to their previous forms, but will also become even more nice, since the surgeon will remove all aesthetic flaws. At present, there are a few techniques for performing such a surgery:

  • Periareolar – the most gentle and delicate method, suitable for minimal sagging;
  • Vertical – used for ptosis of the second degree, allows to get rid of distinct defects;
  • Anchor, or T-shaped – the most difficult technique that is used in case of complex aesthetic defects. During it, the position, shape and size of the nipple and alvelar complex and the removal of excess tissues are changed.

Mastopexy can be performed with or without an implant. The surgeon determines the surgery plan and the optimal technique for achieving the best result in each case individually.

Contraindications for the Surgery

  • oncology;
  • blood diseases causing clotting disorders;
  • immunodeficiency of any type;
  • diseases of the heart, kidneys and liver – a plastic surgeon will consult with your doctor and will undertake the surgery only with positive recommendation of the latter;
  • diabetes mellitus and other endocrine systems.

The breast lift surgery is not performed during pregnancy and breastfeeding. And there is no use in it, because after lactation the breast shape may change. It is desirable for 3 to 4 months to pass since the end of breastfeeding and ideally at least six months. The breast plastic surgery is not performed on patients under 18 years of age. Firstly, there is usually no talk about the loss of tonus and elasticity. Secondly, you need to wait for the full formation of the mammary glands.

Preparation for the Surgery

Mastopexy is a surgical procedure performed under general anesthesia. Anesthesia is in any case a stress for the body, so there is a need for serious preparation for the surgery. And the first step of preparation is a comprehensive medical examination. It includes diagnostics for excluding all contraindications. It is also necessary to do a number of laboratory and hardware studies: electrocardiogram, fluorography, ultrasound of the mammary glands. In addition to a general blood test, coagulotherapy is done to make sure that there are no problems with blood clotting. Additional tests may be indicated. Everything is decided on an individual basis after the surgeon gets acquainted with the medical record.

Then there is the preparation itself. It is very important for the patient to closely adhere to all the rules! Recommendations prior to breast lift include the following:

  • for one month – smoking cessation or maximum reduction of its quantity;
  • a month before it is required to start taking vitamins preventing anemia;
  • two weeks before – the rejection of oral contraceptives, aspirin and drugs that dilute the blood.

The last meal prior to the surgery should be taken no less than 12 hours before. And 4 hours prior to the procedure it is also necessary to refuse liquids.

Then there is the surgery itself. The surgeon will first apply marking (mark) the lines directly on the breasts – he will move along these markers during the surgery. The anesthetist will administer anesthesia, the composition and concentration of drugs will be selected especially for you, taking into account the individual characteristics of the body. The surgery plan depends on the technique chosen by the surgeon.


Full rehabilitation lasts up to 4 to 6 months, but after a week you will be able to live your usual life – by this time the swelling usually subsides. You will spend only 1 to 3 days in the hospital and we assure you that our one is very comfortable. After that, you need to limit visits to the sauna and pool for 3 to 4 weeks and physical activity for 3 months and it is strictly forbidden to lift weights. The doctor may prescribe special medications to speed up recovery.