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Chin Liposuction

The clinic of Dr. Olexandr Chornomyz is a modern plastic surgery center in Kyiv. Here you can make liposuction with confidence in the result. As a plastic surgeon, I value the principles of classical surgery and traditional methods for performing surgeries. But at the same time, as a modern doctor, I study new techniques and approaches, using minimally invasive approaches, unique materials and tools that allow the procedure to be carried out with minimal stress for the body. This allows to achieve maximum results and reduce recovery time. Getting rid of the second chin in just one day, without pain and with a return to normal life in less than a week, is a reality. Sign up for a consultation to learn more about the procedure, its cost and indications for it.

Chin Liposuction

Chin Liposuction: Harmony in Every Aspect of Appearance

Chin liposuction is a fairly standard surgical procedure on correcting aesthetic defects in the lower part of the face. The second chin is actually an excess of fat tissue that sags and creates the illusion that there are two chins. In most cases, it occurs due to a genetic predisposition or excess weight. Excess fat tissue and pimples in the area of the chin and neck result in deformation of the face oval, loss of skin tonus. Because of it, a person looks older and feels uncomfortable, feels uncomfortable  because of his/her appearance. At the same time, it is almost impossible to get rid of the “fat trap” on the face with diets, proper nutrition or massages. Plastic surgery is the only method that gives a quick and visible effect.


Removing fat from the chin surgically is performed in the following cases:

  1. the presence of pimples and skin folds in the lower part of the face;
  2. the presence of a second chin;
  3. a massive chin, if the reason for its increase is excess fat tissue;
  4. decrease of the skin tonus and its sagging.

The surgery is performed if, due to all these aesthetic imperfections, the patient feels psychological discomfort, is ashamed of his/her appearance.

Removing the Second Chin: Features of the Surgical Method

Removing the second chin may be performed by various methods – using lipolytics, microcurrent therapy, LPG massage, thread lifting, surgical liposuction. Traditional medicine adheres to the classical surgical method. This is a minimally invasive procedure that allows to achieve maximum results with minimal risks. The effect of it is long-term – in case of following all the doctor’s recommendations after the surgery, the second chin will never appear again. The price of the surgical procedure is acceptable, and the contraindications to it are minimal – as for all standard plastic surgeries.


  • diseases of the heart and vascular system, chronic hypertension, disorder of blood clotting processes;
  • pregnancy, lactation;
  • acute infectious process or exacerbation of chronic diseases – until complete recovery;
  • disorder of the skin integrity, rashes in the surgery area.

Prior to the appointment of the surgery, the surgeon excludes all contraindications. For this, consultation is carried out, analysis is taken, a number of laboratory and clinical studies are carried out.

How is the Chin Lift Performed?

The surgery is performed under local anesthesia, but applying sedation is also possible. The surgeon makes small incisions in the skin folds on the lower side of the chin. Their length is only 2 to 4 millimeters, so no traces will remain. The surgeon injects Klein’s solution into the tissues. It constricts blood vessels, causes swelling of adipocytes, which facilitates the process of aspiration. After that, excess fat is removed using a vacuum extractor, and if a small amount of fatty tissues is removed, the lymphatic system can remove them on its own. With surgical liposuction, the surgeon can control every millimeter of excess fat and perform modeling with maximum accuracy, which is impossible to achieve with the use of hardware techniques. At the end, the punctures are closed with cosmetic sutures that do not leave scars.

The surgery takes 40 to 60 minutes in time.

Features of Rehabilitation

After the surgery, you will not feel strong discomfort or pain, but you will have to stay in the hospital for a day for observation. In the first 3 days, the main swelling will get away, and you will be able to go to work or meet friends. The swelling completely disappears in two weeks. During the first 3 weeks, it will be necessary to wear a special compression bandage at night. The results will be visible within one month.