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Brachioplasty, or simply arm lift, is a surgical procedure which involves removing skin folds from the shoulders and arms. Often it is required after drastic weight loss. After the removal of significant amounts of fat tissue (no matter how – using diets, sports or surgical methods), excess skin does not go anywhere. Instead, they become quite evident, the flaps form folds, which does not allow to wear clothes with short sleeves or sunbathe on the beach. Naturally, this negatively affects self-esteem, creates discomfort, causes embarrassment. The only way to get rid of the “excess” skin is a surgery. In such a case, one can turn to a plastic surgeon.


Shoulder Skin Lift at the Clinic of Dr. Chornomyz: You are in the Right Hands

You no longer need to travel abroad to get rid of a physical defect in a European clinic at a high price. In Kyiv, there are already plastic surgery medical centers that will perform the surgery even better. My practice is built on the principle of balance between strict adherence to the protocol and an individual approach to each patient. This is the only way to ensure not only the maximum result, but also psychological comfort. Not only minimally invasive methods, innovative equipment, but also positive emotions play a big role in reducing the recovery period. At the plastic surgery clinic of Dr. Alexander Chornomyz, you are in the right hands. Call us to discuss your problem, features and the cost of the surgery, make a personal appointment.


Hand plastic surgery may be required for both young and mature patients. Gender plays no role, although women often meet such a problem (it is called “bat wings” in medical slang, since the extra skin resembles the silhouette of this nocturnal animal). The technique allows not only to get rid of skin and fat folds, but also to model a nice line of the forearms, to lift the skin. As a result, aesthetic defects disappear, and the patient can wear dresses with open arms, swimsuits, and strapless tops.

The main indications for plastic surgery include:

  1. the presence of skin and fat folds in the forearm area;
  2. cellulite that causes deformation of the forearm line;
  3. flabbiness, loss of elasticity, skin tonus;
  4. sagging of skin on the inside of the arms, thereby making the shoulders look too big.

Contraindications for Surgery

Lifting the hands skin is not always possible. Contraindications for surgery will include:

  • oncology;
  • metabolism disorder;
  • blood diseases disrupting its coagulability;
  • hyperhidrosis;
  • inflammatory processes and acute infections in the body;
  • heart failure;
  • surgery on lymph nodes;
  • skin diseases or injured integuments in the surgery area (until recovery).

Contraindications are excluded during a thorough diagnosis. The surgery is performed only for adult patients.

How is Arm Lift Surgery Performed?

Surgeries are preceded by careful preparation. Initially, diagnostics that include taking an anamnesis and excluding contraindications, laboratory blood tests, ECG, fluorography, a blood coagulation test, and a consultation with an anesthesiologist. A week prior to the surgery, it is necessary to switch to light diet – no fatty, smoked, sweet, harmful food. The last meal should be at least 8 hours before the surgery.

The surgery itself is performed under general anesthesia and takes 3 to 4 hours. First, markup is made, on which the surgeon will work. The incision site is selected depending on the specific case, the amount of tissue to be removed. Said incision may be S-, T-, elliptical. During the brachioplasty, the surgeon removes excess fat deposits, skin folds, and lifts the skin. Then the wounds are closed with self-absorbable sutures (they do not need to be removed later) and surgical dressings, and the patient is transferred to the hospital ward.

Features of Rehabilitation and Duration of the Result

Recovery takes a few weeks and is usually not accompanied by pain or physical discomfort. In the hospital, the patient is left for a day for observation – we assure that in our ward you will feel comfortable and will be well taken care of. In the first days, there may be hypersensitivity, hematomas and swelling remain, they will dissolve in 6 to 7 days. In the first 2 weeks, it is recommended to wear special compression garments. For one and a half to two months, it is necessary to avoid the sauna, swimming pool and gym, but a special set of exercises is not only possible, but also desirable. The doctor will introduce you to it at the consultation.