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Abdomen Liposuction

Abdomen liposuction is a radical surgery including the mechanical removal of fat deposits from problem areas. The presence of “fat traps” – body areas, from which it is almost impossible to remove excess fat through sports and diet only – in case of women is often associated with hormonal changes. For men, fat deposits in the abdomen area are most often associated with a sedentary lifestyle (the so-called “office worker syndrome”) or, paradoxically, hobby for bodybuilding and a drastic cessation of training after that. The doctor recommends making the surgery only in cases where alternative, non-invasive methods cannot allow to cope with the problem.

Abdomen Liposuction

Abdomen Liposuction by the Surgical Method: Effect is Amazing

Removing fat from the abdomen by the surgical method is a practice that is common and proven over the years. Liposuction may be performed on one area of the abdomen (upper or lower) and on the sides, or on the entire area at a time. In one procedure, 7 to 10% of fat of the body weight can be removed.

When is liposuction required? It is recommended when it comes first to “fat traps.” These are genetically determined areas on the body, in which fat tissues are deposited first and from which they are removed last when losing weight. That is, massage, sports, strict diets do not allow to cope with the problem – your figure becomes slim and toned, you can run marathons and do press 50 times per set, but your stomach will still “hang”. In such a situation, there is simply no alternative to liposuction.

Indications for the Procedure

The main indication for the surgical lipolysis procedure is the presence of significant fat deposits, which cannot be dealt with using proper nutrition and sports.

Important! You Must Trust Your Surgeon

Plasty is the most delicate specialty in surgery. Your goal is to get the maximum result from the procedure, eliminate the defect, however, such that the surgical intervention may remain invisible to others. Many years of experience in performing abdominal liposuction surgeries in Kyiv allows me not only to perfectly cope with the procedure, but also provide you with maximum comfort. The clinic of Dr. Chornomyz has created appropriate conditions for your peace and comfort. Preliminarily, we will discuss in detail all the nuances of the procedure, carry out deep diagnostics to exclude all contraindications and possible side effects. After liposuction, you can return to your normal life almost immediately, and recommendations for postoperative care will allow you to achieve the maximum result and secure it for a long time (or even forever). Additionally, you will be pleased with the democratic cost of liposuction.

Contraindications for the Procedure

  • blood clotting disorders;
  • diabetes mellitus;
  • pregnancy;
  • oncology;
  • infectious diseases and inflammatory processes in the organism – the surgery is postponed until the moment of recovery;
  • damages to the skin (burns, cuts) – until the moment of healing;
  • herpes, neurodermatitis, eczema – while the disease is in an acute form.

Before carrying out surgical liposuction, the doctor should collect an anamnesis, make laboratory tests and diagnostics in order to exclude all possible contraindications.

Types of the Abdomen Liposuction. Why Choose Surgery?

Liposuction of the abdomen may be performed in several ways. Among the most common techniques, the following ones are highlighted:

  • laser;
  • ultrasonic;
  • vibrational;
  • chemical;
  • radio-wave;
  • basic (traditional).

The safest and least traumatic method is the traditional technique, which involves the destruction and removal of fat tissues using a special high negative pressure apparatus (i.e., under the vacuum). This is a classic plastic surgery technique that has been tested by many years of experience and is associated with the lowest risks (mostly, side effects such as swelling and bruising that disappear within a week). Another advantage is that the price is acceptable for most patients. The surgery is performed under general anesthesia, so it is painless and not associated with discomfort.

How is Surgical Liposuction Performed: the Surgery Step by Step

The surgery is performed under local anesthesia. The surgeon makes small incisions in the skin (no more than 7 millimeters), in which special tubes, cannulas, are inserted. They are connected to a vacuum apparatus. Under negative pressure, fat tissues are broken up and then removed via cannulas using a vacuum pump. The incisions are then closed with self-absorbable sutures that leave no scars. The surgery takes about an hour.

Rehabilitation and Medical Recommendations After Abdomen Liposuction

After the surgery, you can immediately return to your normal life – no hospital stay is required. Postoperative care includes wearing compression underwear, a special diet (nothing drastic – just the right diet, without fast food, fast carbohydrates and carbonated drinks), restriction of alcoholic beverages. At first, it is recommended to reduce physical activity, but it 20 days, on the contrary, sports and physical training are needed – starting with small physical exertions and gradually increasing them.