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Back Liposuction

Liposuction of the back is a plastic surgery, during which excess fat tissues are removed. This surgery is also called “liposculpture,” because it helps not only cope with “invincible” excess weight, but also form an attractive, sexy, harmonious silhouette. Liposuction allows to remove those fat cells (adipocytes) that are not amenable to physical exercises and diet. And most importantly, this is a result for the whole life. If you follow the recommendations of your surgeon and control your weight after the surgery, the fat will not came again.

Back Liposuction

Trust Deeds!

For the surgeon, the main compliment is the excellent result of the surgery, the pictures of which he is ready to save in his portfolio. I have dozens of similar surgeries on my account that went flawlessly. Presently, many patients of the plastic surgery clinic of Dr. Chornomyz in Kyiv are those who turned to us on the recommendation of former patients. In order to achieve such results, our team uses progressive methods of aesthetic surgery, the clinic is equipped with innovative equipment, we carefully prepare for each surgery and select the optimal surgical intervention plan. But the main thing is taking care of the patient, his/her comfort and understanding the importance for his/her life of a delicate procedure such as removing fat from the back. You can be sure that the plastic surgery clinic of Dr. Chornomyz will take care of you. This applies to everything – an acceptable cost of services (the price depends on the complexity of the procedure, often liposuction is combined with other procedures), a serious approach to diagnostics and development of a surgery plan, postoperative recovery, and psychological support.

Indications for the Procedure

Surgical liposuction is recommended in the presence of “fat traps” – deposits that cannot be removed by sports training. Note that they also happen to people who are not overweight, who were able to lose weight everywhere, except for these “traps.” Making the surgery is recommended in the following cases:

  1. the presence of deposits of compressed fat tissues on the shoulder blades;
  2. girdle fat deposits which pass from the lower back to the waist and sides;
  3. fatty deposits in the area of the 7th cervical vertebra.

Advantages of the Back Liposuction Surgery Method

There are a few ways to remove fat from the back by medical methods – laser, ultrasound, radio-frequency, surgical liposuction. At the clinic of Dr. Chornomyz, only classical surgical liposuction is performed, which is also called “liposculpture.” It is minimally invasive, allows to immediately remove large volumes of fat, predict the result in advance and model the figure due to the skill of the surgeon that understands where to remove the maximum tissue and where to leave it for a nice silhouette. Any surgery is associated with risks, but in the case of liposuction, they are minimal.

Contraindications for the Procedure

It is not always possible to resort to surgery intervention for removing excess fat. Contraindications for the surgery will include:

  • pregnancy and lactation period;
  • viral infections, exacerbation of chronic or autoimmune diseases. However, then the surgery is simply postponed – until a full recession;
  • oncology, the presence of malignant neoplasms;
  • injured skin in the area of correction;
  • skin clotting disorders.

If you have diseases of the heart, kidneys or liver, it is first necessary to consult with one’s doctor – he will decide whether the surgery may be performed. And the last clarification, liposuction is done only for adult patients.

A Clear Plan: How Liposuction of the Back is Performed

Before the surgery, a detailed consultation is carried out, the purpose of which is to calm you down, visualize the result of the procedure and eliminate all contraindications. Directly on the day of liposuction, markings (marking) are applied to the area requiring correction, and then local anesthesia is performed. After the surgeon makes small, only 1-cm, incisions on the skin and through cannulas connected to a vacuum suction, he removes excess fat. The entire procedure takes about an hour. It remains only to close the incisions, through which the surgeon has gained access. For this, special self-absorbable sutures are used, which then do not need to be removed.

Features of Recovery After the Surgery

Recovery after liposuction does not usually cause unpleasant sensations and discomfort. Since the procedure itself is minimally invasive, rehabilitation will also be quick and painless. There may be slight swelling or bruising for the first 3 to 5 days, but these subside fairly quickly. Of the restrictions, you will have to avoid the sauna, pool, hot bath for the recovery period, it is recommended to limit (and preferably completely abandon) alcohol and nicotine. It is not necessary to stay in the hospital after the surgery, you can go home right away – although we always advise you to stay for a day here for observation. If you strictly follow the recommendations of the surgeon, then the fat in the correction area will never appear again.