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Body Lipomodeling

Body liposculpture is a systematic technique in plastic surgery that combines the techniques of liposuction and lipofilling. To put it as simply as possible, fat tissues are removed from body areas where they are in excess and added to where they are not enough. This allows to achieve a harmonious silhouette and create attractive contours, achieve a sporty fit figure with sexy roundness in the buttocks area. This surgery is classified as complex, so it is important to contact an experienced, talented surgeon who can perform it flawlessly.

Body Lipomodeling

Body Lipomodelling: Creating the Perfect Figure Using Modern Medicine

The clinic of Dr. Chornomyz in Kyiv is an innovative plastic surgery center performing the most complex surgeries using innovative techniques, the latest equipment and unique materials. But the main thing is the team of the clinic. All of our employees are professionals in their field, doctors by vocation. And this means not only talent, knowledge of traditional and new techniques, but also attention to the patient, understanding of his/her request, problem, emotional state prior to and after the surgery.

Right now, we suggest you to familiarize yourselves with the main features of the lipomodeling technique, indications and contraindications for the surgery. You can find prices in a separate section of the site. However, the exact cost, as well as the surgery plan, is formed only after personal consultations, diagnostics and the exclusion of contraindications.

The surgery is recommended in case of the following indications:

  1. the presence of “fat traps” (excess fat, which it is almost impossible to get rid of via diet and sports) in any part of the body;
  2. lack of volume in certain parts of the body (chest, buttocks, legs). So, using liposculpture, the breast can be augmented by one size and asymmetry can be eliminated;
  3. the absence of a nice relief of the muscles on the abdomen, biceps, back);
  4. the presence of scars or hems on the body, which the patient wants to get rid of;
  5. men’s gynecomastia.

Lipomodelling: Features, Purpose

The main purpose of liposculpture is giving your body new contours without using external implants and materials. A minimally invasive procedure includes the simultaneous removal of excess fat tissue in problem areas (of the back, abdomen, hips) and adding volume to body areas where there is not enough of them (buttocks). By lipomodeling it is possible to form a muscle structure, recreating the press cubes, biceps and oblique muscles on the abdomen, i.e., it is also relevant for men. That is, it is not just weight loss and getting rid of excess fat tissue, but the creation of harmonious body contours.

When performing lipomodelling, the surgeon is a sculptor who uses fat cells (adipocytes) for his work. These are the “native” cells of the patient, so there are no problems with their engraftment, allergic reactions or rejection processes. And fat tissue stem cells have an anti-aging effect, due to which the skin is smoothed and becomes more elastic.

Contraindications for the Procedure

  • diabetes mellitus;
  • blood clotting disorders, hypertension, heart disease;
  • oncology;
  • pregnancy, lactation;
  • infectious or inflammatory process in the body (until recovery).

Contraindications are identified based on a study of the anamnesis, laboratory and clinical tests.

How is Body Sculpting Performed? Features of Postoperative Care

The surgery is preceded by consultation, anamnesis taking and laboratory tests for excluding all contraindications. Prior to the surgery, a decision is made on the type of anesthesia – it can be local or general. Next, the surgeon applies the markup of the updated body contours that he wants to achieve upon the surgery. Liposuction is carried out from selected areas using cannulas – no incisions remain, only small punctures which are practically invisible to the naked eye. The fat graft is processed using a centrifuge and a filter system. Purified adipocytes are transplanted into the desired areas. For this, thin cannulas are again used as a tool and textured sculpting is used as a method. This method includes forming roundness, highlighting muscles, emphasizing natural contours. A little more adipocytes are usually transplanted, the excess is absorbed due to the work of the body’s lymphatic system. At the end of the surgery, a special compression bandage is applied.

After the surgery, it is necessary to stay in the hospital for a day for observation. In the first month, compression underwear needs to be worn around the clock, in another 1 to 2 months it can be removed for night time. It will be required to limit physical activity and sports, attending the pool and sauna, beach, solarium. Nevertheless, in general even during the recovery period, you will be living a normal life with minimal restrictions. Full rehabilitation takes up to 3 months.